Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga Sessions in Boulder, CO

Private Yoga Sessions are an effective way to begin or advance your practice, safely and mindfully. In just a few sessions, we will work through your most pressing alignment questions, delve deeper into your practice, or learn how to modify postures to be most effective in your unique body. By investing in a little one-on-one time, you can keep yourself safer and more confident in larger group classes.  Send me an email to set up a complimentary phone consultation.

Private yoga session rates are based on one-hour sessions:

1 session       $95

5 sessions     $450    ($90 per session)

10 sessions   $850    ($85 per session)  – twice a week recommended

16 sessions   $1280    ($80 per session)  – twice a week recommended

Session location is flexible and arranged at your convenience. Additional fees may apply for travel outside of Boulder.