Farmers Market

Weekly Yoga at the Wednesday Boulder Farmers Market– Will Resume May 2018


If you’ve spent much time in Boulder, you’ve likely visited our unparalleled Farmers Market.  It is a great place to buy local produce, baked goods, and other great stuff, to learn about local agriculture, and to run into everyone you’ve ever met.

We love the market on Wednesdays.  It’s a touch quieter than on Saturdays, and provides the perfect midweek dose of veggies, fruit, flowers, lotion, fresh bread… you get the idea.  So we thought this would be the PERFECT place for a yoga class.  You want to be here anyways– especially if you’re picking up your weekly package from your Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

Also, did you know that there is a beer garden at the market on Wednesdays?  They serve kombucha as well as beer, and there’s also an array of dinner options from local vendors.  So, basically, you can come to the market and practice yoga from 6-7, have a beer/kombucha/dinner with friends, and stock up on healthy, local goodies.  One stop shop.  Bonus points if you ride your bike.

But wait, there’s more!  Each week, we’ll feature a different farmer who will tell us a bit about what they’re up to– and might even share some samples.  So, you’ll learn something too.

Class is $15, and includes a beer or kombucha.  5 class packages also available and valid at all All Terrain Yoga weekly classes. (Monday: Rayback, Tuesday: Sanitas, Wednesday: Market)

See you at the market!  We practice at the corner of 13th and Arapahoe.