Manifesto of the Day

Brewhouse SkandasanaI am not passionate about handstands and hip stretches.

I am not orienting my life towards plyometrics and pushups.

I am here to breathe.  To connect.

I am here to experience my strength: my physical and mental fortitude.

From this strength comes ease and flexibility to show up in the world as I truly am.

This strength, this stability, this foundation– first given to me by my father– has been reinforced by family, friends, and teachers.  And now, I aim to be one of those teachers for others.  With the compassion and patience of my mom, I share love with myself and others– from atop the foundation of strength.

I trust in this base– my breath and my muscles like cornerstones for this life I build to share.

So come on in.  Let’s breathe and have a beer.

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