Awkward but strongI do much more than teach yoga.

I guess it’s taken me a while to really be confident in saying that– particularly in writing.  In fact I’m shy to put a lot of things in writing– because I change my mind a lot.

That said, I’m saying it.  I have a powerful offering to share with the world and up until this point my primary medium for offering it has been yoga.  I will not be abandoning that medium/method/set of tools any time soon, but let this be a public acknowledgement that what I hope to impart is much greater than how to improve your Warrior II pose.  This can be said about many Teachers of yoga.  There is much to this practice beyond the physical postures that have gained such mainstream popularity.  People (myself included) are adding weights, beer, goats, butterflies, whatever gets people in the door (okay this is not my actual philosophy, but making things easier or more interesting for people has definitely influenced my offerings).  I have and do agree with the idea of removing obstacles to promote dipping toes into a practice.  But I think we’re dipping our toes into a modern yoga practice that is not necessarily reflected in the mainstream, or even some deeper perceptions of ‘yoga.’ So I might stop calling it “yoga” all the time.

What I seek, and simultaneously provide to and encourage in others, is an exploration of humility and compassion.  A softening in our relationship to ourselves and others.  An acknowledgement of the inherent undulations of the human experience and our resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.

By recognizing that our muscles and our breath represent more complex phenomena, we can transcend some of the habitual and detrimental patterns of our own minds (and bodies).  This, to me, has little to do with hamstrings and quadriceps (aside from the fact that I’d really prefer if you didn’t tear anything) and much more to do with the quality of our lives, the inspiration behind our actions and our creations, and the guiding forces in our relationships with ourselves and others.

So, I’m going to start writing more things down.  And we’ll see what happens.

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