Bee Yoga Reviews

Jenna stands out as the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had. Her positive, grounded attitude and personalized guidance have helped me progress in my practice more quickly and significantly than with any other instructor. Jenna clearly enjoys what she does and excels at zeroing in on exactly what I need with spot-on instructions to help me improve my practice.
– Jill, Editor


Yoga, outdoors with a mountain view. Hands down awesome yoga experience. Jenna led a private session with a small group of us, which brought us through mostly basic yoga moves, since we’re all beginners. She kept us stretching just enough to loosen up the parts of our body that are commonly overlooked. Jenna led the session in a way that made each of us feel like we were the focal point, as she met us each of us where we were and worked with us individually to strengthen, unwind and relax. Can’t wait for the next session.
– Ricky, Web Designer


As a beginner to yoga practice, I have often found myself struggling in group classes with flexibility, posture, and the rapid transition between poses. I took a private outdoor session with Jenna, where we focused on the basics of proper alignment and finding the position within each pose that matched MY body. Along with the amazing feeling of sunshine on my face, grass beneath my feet, and a perfect mountain view, Jenna’s gentle and thorough instruction during our class left me feeling open, elongated, strong, and fresh! I HIGHLY recommend classes with Jenna. She is a truly comprehensive and compassionate teacher!
– Liz, Engineer