Bee Yoga Friends

Bee Yoga Friends!

These people are amazing at what they do. Their products and services can compliment and support your yoga practice, helping you to thrive and celebrate your amazing life while caring for your miraculous body and mind!

Steve Taylor, Massage Therapist, Kinesiologist, “Voodoo guy”:

Steve works out of the Bodywork Bistro in Boulder, which has massage studios downtown and in North Boulder.  He works with all different dimensions of wellness including chakras, meridians, energetic fields, muscles, and other things I don’t fully understand.  What I do know is that Steve has helped to keep me balanced in the wake of car accidents, breakups, financial challenges, ski injuries, and just about anything else that has come into my path.

Damiana Corca, Sleep Specialist LAc, DOM:

Damiana is an amazingly dedicated and knowledgeable healer.  She is a skilled practitioner with success in treating insomnia and other sleep disorders as well as anxiety, depression and acute physical pain.

Timothy Long, Transpersonal Therapist:

Timothy’s work is difficult to describe with words.  Life-changing is about as close as I can come.  His powerful intuition combined with years of experience help him to customize coaching experiences in a very unique way.  With the perfect balance of compassion and accountability, Timothy helps people achieve their true potential.

Wayne Daniels, Guitar Coach:

Wayne is a talented guitarist, and a very gifted teacher.  He teaches students of all ages and levels.  He actually teaches guitar from a very holistic perspective– connecting musical expression with the mental, spiritual and emotional experience of creating music.

Free Flying Fish, Artisan ExpressionWear:

Ellen Junglen is a visionary designer with a heartfelt connection to a community of friends in Peru.  She designs performance leggings, yoga tops, tee shirts and harem pants that are super fun, ethically sourced, and very comfy.  Use code JennaBeeYoga10%off or JennaBeeYogaFreeShipping at checkout for– you guessed it– 10% off or free shipping, respectively.

Timothy D’Antonio, Photographer:

Above all, Timothy is fun, and his photos exude his playful personality.  He brings this aspect to all of his work, from wildlife and landscapes, to weddings, and portraits.  He is a blast to work with and he creates fantastic images.