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Hey!  Wanna practice some All Terrain Yoga?  

I teach weekly, public, community-building classes in Boulder.  The following classes cost $18 and each includes a beverage to enjoy after class.  5-class packages are also available for $65. Click the links below for details.

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I teach yoga to empower individuals from all backgrounds to feel more comfortable in their own skin. By stepping more fully into individual self-expression, and bringing a little more of our personal essence into the world, we can create dynamic, effective and fun communities. I use the body and breath to practice and fuel authenticity, freedom, and connection.  And I don’t think we need to be too serious about it.

Yoga is a tool for human optimization. In our practice, we look at our bodies and thought patterns from all different angles so we can more optimally function as awesome and unique people.  We practice patience and compassion towards ourselves and others, we trust in our innate ability to adapt and learn, and we often find that we are capable of more than we could have ever imagined. By letting go of some perceived rules and limitations, we can celebrate the series of miracles that bring us all together.

I practice yoga everywhere. It’s not always on a mat, it’s not always quiet, and it doesn’t always involve traditional postures. But within the everyday events of our regular lives, we are presented with innumerable opportunities to balance opposing forces within the body, mind and spirit.

I’d love to help you navigate what’s available and find a practice that is convenient, interesting, and safe for you.  If we can’t find the right class, let’s develop something together! Contact me here.

If you’re not ready for a group class, check out my online videos (coming soon!), or book a few private sessions where we can work slowly and meticulously through your questions and give you the tools to safely and confidently participate in group yoga classes (or even customized group yoga sessions).

I’m based in Boulder, CO but grateful for excuses to travel just about anywhere within the beautiful state of Colorado and beyond!

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Life is full of opportunities to explore balance, strength and breath!

“Authenticity is an attitude of awareness in which we are willing to experience our thoughts and feelings as they are.” – Dr. Joan Borysenko